On June 12th, 2019

Response to House Bill 126

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On that last day of the 2019 Legislative Session, The Missouri State Legislature passed
one of the most restrictive anti-choice bills in the United States. Governor Mike Parson signed
this bill into law this morning. The bill passed the Missouri House by a vote of 110-44 and the
Missouri Senate by 24-10; however, this was not without a truly inspirational effort from our
Democratic leaders. They fought tirelessly to prevent this cruel, unconstitutional bill that
would criminalize the procedure that has no exceptions for victims of rape or incest.

The Cole County Democratic Central Committee will continue to fight for women to
have control over their bodies as well as their right to privacy. We encourage all lawmakers
who claim to be pro-life to create and support policies that allow access to affordable
healthcare, to promote age-appropriate, comprehensive sex education, and institute programs
that prevent domestic and sexual violence against women and children, if they really want to
limit the number of abortions in Missouri.

House Bill 126 is unconstitutional. It will be challenged in court, so the fight is far from
over. We thank all the Democratic Leaders, advocates for women and children, and the
activists who continue to organize protests and fight to keep our beloved state from going
backwards in the treatment of women. We will fight with you and for you every day to
November 3, 2020 and beyond. We will work diligently to get Democratic Representatives
elected to every level of our government.

For anyone who is struggling emotionally due to this issue, please remember the
Missouri Crisis Hotline is available for free 24 hours a day at (573) 445-5035

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